Dan Wolff is the president and founder of TickEase, Inc. The company’s mission is to offer safe and successful tools for getting rid of and repelling ticks, facilitating tick tests, and educating the general public about the prevention of tick-borne illnesses like Lyme illness.

We experienced the likelihood to catch up with Dan and discuss how he came up with the idea for TickEase and why it’s essential.

BeFirst Media Group: How did you get started out with the whole TickEase concept?

Dan Wolff: I launched Mass Deer Service that labored closely with residents of the MetroWest region of Boston. You wouldn’t think it, but these city regions have a very a difficulty with deer — and with deer come ticks and all of the issues linked with tick-borne diseases like Lyme Disease. So, that is what we wished to do control the deer populace and in switch assist restrict publicity to tick-borne illnesses. There weren’t really any equipment on the market specifically for taking away ticks from people or animals. This is why we created TickEase.

BFMG: What helps make TickEase so special?

DW: There are a lot of outdated wives’ tales out there about removing ticks

using a hot match, Vaseline, fingernail polish, dish cleaning soap and cotton, or different minor crucial-like products. But they do not perform as persistently as pointy-tipped tweezers. They are not safe and they’re not powerful. TickEase has two ends and is particularly engineered to be the safest, most handy approach of removing ticks. And it is the only twin-objective removing tool that functions equally on human beings and pets.

The slender tweezer-tip on one finish is created to eliminate even the tiniest nymphal ticks from individuals. The other finish is a slotted scoop, which is the best way to get rid of more substantial or engorged ticks from your canines and cats and other animals. You merely spot the scoop under the tick’s mouth areas and gently pry or raise upwards. In either circumstance, you will want to cleanse the spot with soap and h2o and a disinfectant. Anytime you get rid of a tick, you will also want to conserve it for identification. And if you or your pets begin going through any signs of tick-borne sicknesses like Lyme illness, you ought to seek advice from a physician or veterinarian right away.

BFMG: Why is tick prevention so important?

DW: Tick-borne diseases like Lyme ailment are the swiftest-growing infectious condition worries in the U.S. and prompt and proper tick removing is a essential phase in stopping infection. As tick populations continue to grow and their range expands, experts are locating they are transmitting a expanding list of condition-leading to microbes like Lyme disease, Babesia protoza, Anaplesma, Ehrlichia (and other rickettsia), and encephalitis – causing viruses and Bartonella microorganisms.

The fact is that whilst ticks in a long time previous ended up previously simply an inconvenience, they have turn out to be a frequent carrier of debilitating conditions and have to be treated as this sort of. Appropriate avoidance and removal will help combat that.
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